Filled Speculaas

6 Dec

For today I thought it was fun to make filled Speculaas, a typical dutch treat that we all eat in the upcoming weeks of 5 december. I saw this perfect picture and additional recipe and thought this was ‘easy’ to make. However, when I made the dough, it did not mix together at all and I tried all sorts of things to save it that I can’t even remember which ingredients I added. Then, I let it too long in the fridge, so the ‘saved’ dough was as hard as a rock and as grand finale I let the thing almost burn in the oven.. So anyway, as you all might understand, i will not feature the recipe on this blog, because it didn’t make any sense at all. Luckily, when It got out of the oven, however looking terrible, it tasted delicious! So it does feel a little bit like Sinterklaas here in Rome :-). At first I did not want to write a blog about this experience, but then I remembered the subtitle of my blog ‘How do I become a good chef?’ and thought that also these things need to be written down.. So, here it is!

But please, don’t laugh about my speculaas picture..




3 Reacties to “Filled Speculaas”

  1. Marjolein december 6, 2012 bij 12:46 am #

    Haha schatje! Wel jammer hoor! Maar zolang het maar goed gesmaakt heeft!! Kus uit Maastricht!

    • lotteroma december 6, 2012 bij 11:20 am #

      Ja het smaakte gelukkig heerlijk! 🙂 super bedankt voor de ingredienten!

  2. Suzan december 8, 2012 bij 11:46 pm #

    Hoi Lotte,

    Wat leuk, een kooksite!
    Je staat onder mijn favorieten….
    Leuk je te volgen.

    Groet Suzan

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