Simmering meat and homemade fries

12 Dec

Although I love Italian food, sometimes I just need something else. International restaurants, Surinam food and sushi are unfortunately hard to find or extremely expensive and as you can all understand the dutch/belgian ‘snackbar’ is nowhere to be found (funny detail: the first thing a Swiss guy from the italian language school asked me when I introduced myself as being Dutch, was if I missed the ‘frikadellen’ :-). The New Kids from Maaskantje were apparently a cult among his Swiss friends!).

But a good thing is that I started this blog about cooking! And this inspires me to search for and come up with nice recipes 🙂 So, I found this great recipe on ‘Suddervlees’ which I could maybe be translated as ‘Simmering meat’? If you have any other suggestions, let me know! For this simmering meat you need at least 3 hours, because you have to watch the meat from time to time, so I think this comfort food recipe is perfect for a sunday night! It’s expecially comfort food for me, because the meat tastes a little bit like ‘Zuurvlees’ from Maastricht! The recipe is for 4 people, but if you are only with 2, just cut the amount of beef and potatoes in half (not the rest of the ingredients).


1 kg of beef meat, 2 tablespoons of flower, 50 g. of butter, 1 tablet of beef stock, 3 cloves (‘kruidnagels’), 1 leaf of laurel, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 8 medium potatoes, 1 liter of sunflower oil


Cut the meat into small parts and season them with salt, pepper and flower. Heat the butter in a large pan and add the meat. Bake the meat 8 minutes on a medium fire until it’s brown on all the sides. Cook 500 ml of water and add the tablet of beef stock. Add the stock to the meat including the leaf of laurel, vinegar, cloves and a bit of pepper. Leave the pan on a low fire for 3 hours with the lid on. Check from time to time and add some water if the water is evaporated.

Then, after 2,5 hours, cut the potatoes in slices of 1 cm. Dry them with kitchenpaper. Bake the fries in a frying pan or in a pan with sunflower oil. Watch out! It’s very hot.. Bake the fries in portions.When you put the portions in for a second time, wait until they get to the surface, then you will know they are ready. Salten them with salt or fries-seasoning. Before you serve the simmering meat, leave the leaf of laurel and the cloves out of the dish. Buon appetit!


zuurvlees4 suddervlees1suddervlees2


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