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Risotto with Artichoke

28 Okt

I really like dishes that need to be cooked in one pan, because the smells mix together great! I sometimes just don’t put on the ventilator on on purpose, so the smell will stay longer in my kitchen :-). For tonight I just wanted to make a cheap and easy dish, because I was by myself. I figured that a risotto mixed with my favorite ingredient, artichoke, could be the perfect one-pan-dish! You only need a few ingredients for 4 people. I just made it for myself, so I can have some more with lunch tomorrow :-).


30 gr. of butter, 275 g. of risotto, 1 can of artichokes, 800 ml. of chicken stock (you can add 1 tablet of beef stock if you prefer) 1 onion, some (Parmezan) cheese, pepper and salt.


However this is an easy dish ingredient-wise , you have to keep stirring! Melt the butter in the pan and cut the onion. Bake the onion for 5 minutes until it glazes. Remember, don’t let it get brown! When the onion is done, add the risotto and stir it for 2 to 3 minutes. Then add the can of artichokes, with the oil from the can! Stir it until the risotto ‘drinks’ the fluid. Then add the chicken stock bit by bit. Wait until the risotto takes the fluid in and then add another bit. Finally add some pepper and salt. Serve it with Gouda or Parmezan cheese.

And now you can make yourself comfortable on the couch and watch a movie. Perfect for an early autumn evening. Buon appetito!