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Beefstew with beer and potatoes

7 nov

Here is another great recipe that is perfect for a rainy autumn day! I have made it a couple of times when I was still in the Netherlands, but now I have also tried it here. To me this is a recipe with typical dutch ingredients and it feels good to make something dutch while I am abroad. The recipe asks for a typical Belgian beer Kasteelbier and I could not find this in the supermarkets. However, I did use something alike, called blond beer triple.

This recipe is easy, however it takes 2,5 hours to stew! So make sure you have the time to watch it once in a while.


2 onions, 1 kg. of beef meat, 2 tablespoons of flower, 75 gr. of butter, 1 winter carrot, 2 toes of garlic, 4 stems of celery, 1 small bottle (330 ml.) of Kasteelbier (or something alike), 2 leaves of laurel, 1 tablet of beef stock, 500 gr. of potatoes and salt and pepper.


Cut the meat in small parts (cubes of 2 cm. or a bit larger) and sprinkle the flower on the meat. Use half of the butter and bake the meat on high fire in 3 minutes brown. After you have done this, take the meat out of the pan and keep it apart. Cut the onions (one in rings and the other one in small parts), the carrot, the celery and the garlic. Heat up the rest of the butter and bake the vegetables for 4 minutes. Then you can add the meat, the beer, the leaves of laurel, 500 ml of hot water and the tablet of beef stock. Leave the pan with the lid on, on low fire for 2,5 hours.

While the pan is on the fire, cut the potatoes in small cubes. You can add them after 2,5 hours. Leave the pan without the lid, on the fire for 30 more minutes until the potatoes are ready. If you want to, you can make this recipe one day before and leave it in the fridge. You just have to heat it the next day and it tastes great!

Buon appetito!